FOBS is a leading quantitative multi-strategic asset manager driven by research and focused on digital assets.

The firm invests in a variety of quantitative strategies on the leading cryptocurrency exchanges covering the most liquid digital instruments.

We work to ensure the best investment value for our capital partners, including accredited private, family offices and institutional investors.

Our goal is to help our capital partners achieve their financial goals.

Our main competitive advantages are the individual approach to risk and the unification of our research process of various types of investment projects.

FOBS Company
Fobs Investment Approach

Investment Approach

We take a scientific approach to investment to ensure that alpha generation is systematic.

Thanks to this approach, we comprehensively analyze large amounts of historical data, which allows us to provide high risk-adjusted returns.

Our team has been operating since the inception of the digital asset market, and is constantly improving the investment process using the latest technologies.

Disclaimer: These investment products come with a significant risk of loss.


Our company relies on quantitative research to create investment systems. We attempt to attract the most effective specialists with applied degrees to implement this approach.

As we consider emerging talent for our team, we always make sure that they share values such as honesty, passion for solving difficult problems, and intellectual curiosity.

We strive to be a good employer by offering a personal growth environment for our team members.

Through our wide selection of investment and corporate roles in our company, we provide a range of career opportunities to harness and develop the unique talent of every individual who joins our company.

FOBS Career


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