The Fobs Software Solution

Our product is a comprehensive software solution specifically tailored for the asset management industry, offering a wide range of features to streamline and enhance the management of assets.

It is designed to meet the unique needs of asset managers, financial institutions, HNWIs and organizations seeking efficient and effective asset management tools.

Covering a software aspect of a business, the product provides a possibility for our clients to set up their own mutual funds, hedge funds, and ETFs directly through their accounts

Our Approach

Fobs specializes in creating software that employs quantitative and scientific methodologies for investment in the worldwide financial markets. Currently, our primary emphasis is on the cryptocurrency market.

The top priorities revolve around two crucial metrics: the duration of drawdowns and the periods when the market is out of our investment scope.

Fobs work methodology is founded on four fundamental principles, each directed towards crafting customized software solutions for our customers while proactively addressing and managing risks:

Risk Management

The primary principle guiding our organization is the preservation of our clients’ capital through effective risk management.

In our pursuit of our clients’ objectives, we employ a comprehensive risk management system that continually monitors various types of risks inherent in the client’s operational environment.

We utilize a combination of automated and manual procedures to proactively manage risks and intervene promptly when necessary.


Financial markets are dynamic, with market inefficiencies that can dissipate suddenly.

Consequently, our team remains vigilant in identifying emerging market trends.

Through a commitment to ongoing innovation, we aim to empower investors to construct personalized diversified portfolios of investment products, leveraging multiple potential sources of alpha.

Quantitative Research

In our work, we primarily rely on quantitative research and analyze vast volumes of historical data.

This approach provides our clients with a competitive advantage, enabling them to gain valuable insights into financial markets and identify profitable investment opportunities.


Technology is a pivotal element of our services.

Staying current with the latest trends and ensuring our product remains competitive, fast, precise, and reliable in financial markets is paramount.

We prioritize the technologies we employ to meet these objectives.