We are Quants Team

FOBS is Cryptocurrencies Asset Management startup. It has been established in result of 4 years trading experience of private funds in June 2019 in Kyiv, Ukraine. Our mission is using advanced technologies to research the market and market inefficiencies to bring automated trading solutions for our capital partners.

Meet Our Team

Bohdan Pinchuk
Bohdan PinchukFounder and CEO
Degree in Business Engineering
3 years in Crypto-assets Trading
1,5 years of Managerial Experience
1 year in Strategic Development
Certified Blockchain Expert (BCCM)
Andrey Zupko
Andrey ZupkoCTO
Degree in Physics
19 years in Software Engineering
3 years of Crypto-assets Trading
3 years in AI Development
2 years of Algorithmic Trading
Eugene Loza
Eugene LozaCBDO
Degree in International Economics
Owner of Brand “Excavo”
TOP #1 Trader Tradingview.com
TOP #5 Advisor of ICO Blockchain projects according to ICOholder.com
Denys Zhuravlov
Denys ZhuravlovSenior Quant Researcher
4 years of Crypto-assets Trading Experience
1 years in Quant Trading
Expert in Quant Strategies Development
Yaroslav Horyslavets
Yaroslav HoryslavetsCOO
Degree in Automation and Computer Integrated Circuits
6 years of Managerial Experience
6 years of Controlling Experience
4 years in Crypto-space
Bogdan Kuzovov
Bogdan KuzovovQuant Trader
Degree in Economics
3 years in Crypto-assets Trading
2 years in Algorithmic Trading
1 years in Quant Trading
Fundamental Research Expert
Ivan Tverdokhlib
Ivan TverdokhlibQuant Trader
Engineer Degree
4 years of Trading Experience
VSA/Clusters Trading Strategies Expert
Maksym Antonov
Maksym AntonovQuant Trader
4 years of Trading Experience
1 year of Quant Trading Experience
Intraday Trading Strategies Expert