Meet our team

FOBS is a quantitative trading firm specializing in the cryptocurrency market. We are dedicated to developing cutting-edge software solutions for asset management and implementing a diverse range of quantitative strategies on the leading cryptocurrency exchanges, focusing on the most liquid digital instruments.

Our journey began in January 2019 in Kyiv, Ukraine, as a joint work of self-employed people with many years of collective trading experience. This collaboration resulted in the establishment of FOBS quantitative trading firm.

Our mission is rooted in harnessing advanced technologies to meticulously analyze market inefficiencies. By doing so, we aim to craft automated trading software solutions that empower our clients.

Our mission revolves around harnessing cutting-edge technologies to scrutinize market inefficiencies meticulously. Through our endeavors, we strive to develop automated trading software solutions that empower our clients.

Currently, we operate as a proprietary trading firm, managing only the firm’s funds. Additionally, we have developed a fully customizable investment software solution that clients can run and manage directly from their own accounts.

The next stage in Fobs’ evolution as a legal entity is the process of registering as a fund, further solidifying our commitment to providing innovative solutions and excellent service in the realm of cryptocurrency trading.

Bohdan PinchukCo-founder and CEO
Degree in Business Engineering

Since 2019, Bohdan has been responsible for the complete process of researching and creating quantitative models, which includes hypothesis development, analysis, validation, and the implementation of risk management within the current portfolio of strategies.

His second responsibility involves public speaking and contributing to business development.

Yaroslav HoryslavetsCo-founder & CTO
Degree in Engineering

Since 2019, his primary responsibility has been the development of in-house infrastructure for trading, backtesting, and execution algorithms. Additionally, he has been tasked with implementing best practices and automation in risk management, administration, and accounting.

His secondary role includes recruiting and attracting talent to the company, as well as collaborating with outsourced R&D teams.