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16June, 2021

Margin vs spot trading – differences, benefits, and risks

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Today, the most popular and accessible formats for trading cryptoassets are transactions on the spot and margin markets. Most modern exchanges provide traders with this opportunity. Trading on the spot (spot) and margin markets differ significantly, especially in terms of risk and money management. Therefore, it will not be superfluous to know the differences, [...]

16June, 2021

Cryptocurrency staking – features of passive income

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Staking is passive income, an alternative to mining. It means keeping a certain amount of cryptocurrency in the user's wallet (on a cryptocurrency exchange, as an option). There is a reward for this. Works with digital coins with PoS trust algorithm support. What is staking Staking - from English staking, retention. The [...]

1June, 2021

DeFi – how to make money

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Decentralized finance is a promising area, especially now, during the digital coin fever. DeFi covers a wide range of areas - from insurance to money transfers. Low fees, no middlemen are the main advantages of DApps. DeFi active users are investors who earn on deposits, staking, and lending. Also, decentralized finance attracts traders who [...]

25May, 2021

CEX vs DEX. Centralized cryptocurrency exchanges versus decentralized ones. Pros and cons of using.

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You can trade cryptoassets on different platforms, but more often they use centralized (CEX) or decentralized (DEX) cryptocurrency exchanges. The first type is more user-friendly in terms of interface, intuitive, has a wide range of functionality, tools, and a choice of cryptoassets, and the latter is completely anonymous and allows transactions directly between participants, [...]

19May, 2021

Fobs’ comment on Black Wednesday events 20/05/21

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Today, May 19, 2021, the crypto community has already managed to call the "Black Wednesday". Due to two exchange rate squeezes during the day - first a short rate drops from $43,500 to $29,000, and then a reverse long rate increase to 40,000. The total volume of liquidations on cryptocurrency exchanges around the world [...]