28March, 2022

Crypto liquidity

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Liquidity is a property that is inherent in all assets. It means the ability to sell an asset at market value. For cryptocurrency, the concept of liquidity is also used. It can be used to determine the investment attractiveness of digital assets. Basic concepts of cryptocurrency liquidity According to CoinMarketCup, there are [...]

25February, 2022

Linking Cryptocurrencies to the Dark Web

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At first, the creation of Bitcoin by Satoshi Nakamoto attracted the attention of enthusiasts of the digital world. Later, the cryptocurrency became the property of a wide range of users. Representatives of shadow circles and scammers also showed interest in digital assets. First of all, they were interested in the imaginary anonymity of cryptocurrency. [...]

5February, 2022

Metaverses – a new trend in the cryptocurrency world

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The term "metaverse" was coined in 1992 by writer Neil Stevenson. According to science fiction writers, the metaverse is virtual reality. A person can get there with the help of special devices, perform various actions similar to the real world. What is the metaverse? The metaverse is all over the place right [...]

24January, 2022

Lost Bitcoins

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At the beginning of 2022, 90% of the possible number of coins, almost 19 million, were mined in the Bitcoin network. The capitalization of the first cryptocurrency is about $750 billion. All bitcoins are distributed to 40 million wallets (according to the well-known CoinMarcetCup service). Chainalysys, a digital asset analytics company, has estimated that [...]

10January, 2022

TOP-3 games on the blockchain

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The breakthrough of 2021 was blockchain-based games. They are using another trend from the beginning of the third decade - non-fungible tokens (NFT). Demanded projects: Axie Infinity. Sandbox. Aavegotchi. Axie Infinity This is the development of the Sky Mavis company (Vietnam). The programmers started working in 2018, and now their project is [...]

29December, 2021

Cryptocurrencies Burning

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Cryptocurrencies differ in many ways from fiat money. Among the differences are the features of the issue. Fiat money is issued by central banks or other authorities in consultation with governments. They decide on the issue, its volumes. At the same time, fiat money is not backed by anything, so the emission leads to [...]