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11April, 2021

Keeping assets with a custodian or on an exchange: differences, advantages, and disadvantages

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For any investor, the safe and reliable storage of their assets has great value. Yes, investments are both important to preserve and increase. The virtual asset market offers a huge number of options for storing assets. They can be located on cold, hot, software, and hardware wallets, in custodial and non-custodial storages and services. [...]

11April, 2021

Interesting features of Blockchain technology and Bitcoin

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Blockchain technology, which appeared in 2009, became a real breakthrough in the financial sector. A group of unknown Japanese programmers (under the nickname Satoshi Nakamoto) developed a technology for anonymous and fast transfers of money anywhere in the world. Such convenience was not immediately appreciated, but users later decided that it is extremely convenient [...]

11April, 2021

Bitcoin Alternatives – Interesting Cryptocurrencies That Have Great Features

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Progress is an integral part of human history. And it always goes, even in those stages when it seems that the system has already reached perfection. At this moment, a fundamentally new mechanism or technology appears. This was the case with gasoline-powered cars (today they are won over by hybrids), as well as with [...]

10April, 2021

Panic and blood on the market. How to enter and exit a deal. FUD and FOMO

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The cryptocurrency market is rarely calm and cannot be flat for a long time (the period when trading takes place in a very narrow price range, without sharp fluctuations in the rate). If you like calm trading, welcome to the stock or foreign exchange (FOREX) market. The cryptocurrency market is self-regulating, and the asset [...]

8April, 2021

Smart Contracts

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The simplest and most understandable meaning of a smart contract is a computer program or code that runs on a specific system. In this case, the decentralized blockchain system is such an area for functioning. A standard contract, in its usual form, has an important condition for its existence - a guarantee of performance. [...]

5April, 2021

What part of the capital is optimal to allocate for trading (investing) cryptocurrency

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The cryptocurrency market in 2021 is dynamically growing, highly profitable, and open to all categories of investors. But, at the same time, it remains a high-risk segment. Yes, it is still unregulated and directly inaccessible to influence from government commissions and oversight, but this has both its pros and cons for investors. Market [...]