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16October, 2021

Who is a validator

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Validators are considered the backbone of the blockchain system. The distributed database contains information about all the operations that users perform on the blockchain. Validators are involved in confirming transactions - special verification nodes. The main function of the validator is confirmation of the next block in a distributed database. In other words, the [...]

6October, 2021

NFT – ways to make money

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NFT - non-fungible tokens, differ from conventional cryptocurrencies by the presence of their own number, which allows you to distinguish a digital asset from other similar ones. At the same time, bitcoins or ether are no different from each other. The value of NFTs lies in their scarcity; a non-fungible token cannot be copied [...]

20September, 2021

Cryptocurrency investment portfolio

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The cryptocurrency market is an exciting new area for investors. At the same time, it is important to control your income and avoid losses. The cryptocurrency is characterized by high volatility, it is easy to lose money due to a sharp drop in the rate. It is necessary to use an investment portfolio from [...]

2September, 2021

Impact of mining on electricity consumption

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From time to time in different media, you can stumble upon a statement about cryptocurrencies as a very energy-consuming asset. Allegedly, for their extraction (mining), they require so much electricity that soon the planet and some countries, in particular, will begin to feel acutely short of it to meet the usual needs of the [...]

2September, 2021

Bitcoin Mixers

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There is an opinion about the anonymity of the blockchain and projects based on it. You can use bitcoins and no one will know about it. Yes, blockchain is a decentralized distributed network, however, transaction data is recorded and stored on the blockchain. It is not difficult to trace a transaction or obtain information [...]

25August, 2021

Investing in crypto assets: why FOREX and the stock market are losing investors

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Since 2020, there has been a steady trend of investment in the cryptocurrency market from the corporate sector. Investment and pension funds of the USA, Canada, Great Britain, New Zealand, Norway, Germany, Israel and many countries from the G-20 group actively switched to the virtual asset market, although earlier they preferred to rely exclusively [...]