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18November, 2021

How tokens differ from coins

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The digital world contains several elements that are often confused with each other. We are talking about coins or cryptocurrencies and tokens. These are different things, although the blockchain is at the core. The main difference is one: The coin is based on its own blockchain. The token is implemented on a foreign distributed [...]

16November, 2021

Top High-profile Cryptocurrency Fraud Cases

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Digital assets aren't just attracting investors. Scammers are interested in cryptocurrency. The thirst for profit pushes criminals to create various schemes. Any method is based on the greed of users, ignorance of basic security requirements, and lack of elementary caution. The most famous cases of cryptocurrency fraud BitConnect BitConnect cryptocurrency exchange [...]

2November, 2021

TOP 5 strongest Bitcoin impulses and explanations to them

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In 2021, the cryptocurrency community watched the price rally of the first cryptocurrency. Bitcoin hit its all-time high 2 times. Its price for the first time in history exceeded $60 thousand. After the first jump, there was a fall when the rate fell to $30 thousand. However, later it rose and in October 2021 [...]

26October, 2021

What are nodes

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Node - a device connected to the blockchain (computer, virtual server) on which the corresponding software is installed. Maintains the stability of the blockchain. Nodes communicate with each other in peer-to-peer networks. Joint activities of nodes are carried out within the framework of the appropriate protocols - proof of ownership consensus, proof of work, [...]

20October, 2021

Top 10 biggest exchange hacks

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Cryptocurrency exchanges are used for working with digital assets, trading. Many of them offer internal coin storage wallets. Cryptocurrency turnover reaches millions of dollars per day. Attracts scammers, lovers of easy money. Site owners pay serious attention to safety. At the same time, successful hacker attacks periodically occur, which lead to the loss of [...]

16October, 2021

Who is a validator

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Validators are considered the backbone of the blockchain system. The distributed database contains information about all the operations that users perform on the blockchain. Validators are involved in confirming transactions - special verification nodes. The main function of the validator is confirmation of the next block in a distributed database. In other words, the [...]