11 April, 2021

Keeping assets with a custodian or on an exchange: differences, advantages, and disadvantages

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For any investor, the safe and reliable storage of their assets has great value. Yes, investments are both important to preserve and increase. The virtual asset market offers a huge number of options for storing assets. They can be located on cold, hot, software, and hardware wallets, in custodial and non-custodial storages and services. [...]

11 April, 2021

Interesting features of Blockchain technology and Bitcoin

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Blockchain technology, which appeared in 2009, became a real breakthrough in the financial sector. A group of unknown Japanese programmers (under the nickname Satoshi Nakamoto) developed a technology for anonymous and fast transfers of money anywhere in the world. Such convenience was not immediately appreciated, but users later decided that it is extremely convenient [...]

11 April, 2021

Bitcoin Alternatives – Interesting Cryptocurrencies That Have Great Features

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Progress is an integral part of human history. And it always goes, even in those stages when it seems that the system has already reached perfection. At this moment, a fundamentally new mechanism or technology appears. This was the case with gasoline-powered cars (today they are won over by hybrids), as well as with [...]

10 April, 2021

Panic and blood on the market. How to enter and exit a deal. FUD and FOMO

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The cryptocurrency market is rarely calm and cannot be flat for a long time (the period when trading takes place in a very narrow price range, without sharp fluctuations in the rate). If you like calm trading, welcome to the stock or foreign exchange (FOREX) market. The cryptocurrency market is self-regulating, and the asset [...]

8 April, 2021

Smart Contracts

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The simplest and most understandable meaning of a smart contract is a computer program or code that runs on a specific system. In this case, the decentralized blockchain system is such an area for functioning. A standard contract, in its usual form, has an important condition for its existence - a guarantee of performance. [...]

5 April, 2021

What part of the capital is optimal to allocate for trading (investing) cryptocurrency

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The cryptocurrency market in 2021 is dynamically growing, highly profitable, and open to all categories of investors. But, at the same time, it remains a high-risk segment. Yes, it is still unregulated and directly inaccessible to influence from government commissions and oversight, but this has both its pros and cons for investors. Market [...]

14 March, 2021

100 trades per day or per year – What is the optimal trading frequency?

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Many investors and traders ask a similar question at the first stages of their acquaintance with crypto assets. How to achieve greater efficiency and profitability of investments - conducting a large number of transactions during the day/month/year with a high percentage of successful operations or choose a set of several assets that increase their [...]

14 March, 2021

What we can do with digital assets to make money? API Management vs BUY & HOLD vs Trading

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Cryptocurrencies are considered (reasonably) the most dynamically growing and profitable assets in 2020-2021. But when investing in them, it is necessary to understand and be aware of the risks inherent in this type of asset. Many coins on the market are subject to pump & dump schemes, trading manipulations, and massive sales (for example, [...]

10 March, 2021

Cryptocurrency Investments – What You Should Know Before Investing Money in Crypto

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The present-day reality is impossible without cryptocurrencies. People find the crypto market very attractive for investments and netting profit. Nevertheless, it is worth noting that the cryptocurrency world is ever-changing and risky for today’s investors. Besides high volatility and overchoice of crypto coins on the market, traders can face fraudsters and digital scams. Why [...]

10 March, 2021

Stablecoins: TOP-6 of currencies and risks of use

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The main disadvantage of cryptocurrency is its high volatility. Blockchain technology is just evolving, digital asset markets are too small to withstand various factors affecting token prices. High risks make cryptocurrency an unsafe investment asset. Stablecoin (stablecoin) is a type of digital asset characterized by high rate stability. It is ensured in different ways: [...]