24 January, 2022

Lost Bitcoins

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At the beginning of 2022, 90% of the possible number of coins, almost 19 million, were mined in the Bitcoin network. The capitalization of the first cryptocurrency is about $750 billion. All bitcoins are distributed to 40 million wallets (according to the well-known CoinMarcetCup service). Chainalysys, a digital asset analytics company, has estimated that [...]

10 January, 2022

TOP-3 games on the blockchain

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The breakthrough of 2021 was blockchain-based games. They are using another trend from the beginning of the third decade - non-fungible tokens (NFT). Demanded projects: Axie Infinity. Sandbox. Aavegotchi. Axie Infinity This is the development of the Sky Mavis company (Vietnam). The programmers started working in 2018, and now their project is [...]

29 December, 2021

Cryptocurrencies Burning

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Cryptocurrencies differ in many ways from fiat money. Among the differences are the features of the issue. Fiat money is issued by central banks or other authorities in consultation with governments. They decide on the issue, its volumes. At the same time, fiat money is not backed by anything, so the emission leads to [...]

29 December, 2021

Exchange Tokens

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Digital assets can be conditionally divided into 2 types - coins and tokens. Coins act as a means of payment. Tokens are analogous to digital stocks. The scope of application is much wider than that of coins. There are several types of tokens, including exchange ones. These are utility tokens, their owners receive certain [...]

29 December, 2021

Fear and Greed Index

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Human emotions are at the heart of various processes in economics, politics, business, and ordinary life. Joy, fear, greed influence decision-making. This statement is true for cryptocurrency trading. A person decides to sell or buy assets based on historical data and market analysis. However, emotions play a big role. To assess their impact, a [...]

13 December, 2021

Fixed maximum drawdown FOBS -20.2%

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We strive to be honest with partners and clients. We do not want to withhold information, no matter how unpleasant it may be. What Happened The second half of autumn was an incredibly difficult period in the work of our foundation. The situation in the current phase of the market led to [...]

8 December, 2021

Accelerating Bitcoin Transactions

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Sometimes users of the Bitcoin network have to wait a long time for a transaction to be confirmed. This is because the blockchain mechanism is not perfect. Bitcoin uses the Proof-of-Work (PoW) consensus algorithm. Miners solve a cryptographic problem. To do this, they find a single hash value that satisfies the condition of the [...]

18 November, 2021

How tokens differ from coins

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The digital world contains several elements that are often confused with each other. We are talking about coins or cryptocurrencies and tokens. These are different things, although the blockchain is at the core. The main difference is one: The coin is based on its own blockchain. The token is implemented on a foreign distributed [...]

16 November, 2021

Top High-profile Cryptocurrency Fraud Cases

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Digital assets aren't just attracting investors. Scammers are interested in cryptocurrency. The thirst for profit pushes criminals to create various schemes. Any method is based on the greed of users, ignorance of basic security requirements, and lack of elementary caution. The most famous cases of cryptocurrency fraud BitConnect BitConnect cryptocurrency exchange [...]

2 November, 2021

TOP 5 strongest Bitcoin impulses and explanations to them

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In 2021, the cryptocurrency community watched the price rally of the first cryptocurrency. Bitcoin hit its all-time high 2 times. Its price for the first time in history exceeded $60 thousand. After the first jump, there was a fall when the rate fell to $30 thousand. However, later it rose and in October 2021 [...]