25 May, 2021

CEX vs DEX. Centralized cryptocurrency exchanges versus decentralized ones. Pros and cons of using.

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You can trade cryptoassets on different platforms, but more often they use centralized (CEX) or decentralized (DEX) cryptocurrency exchanges. The first type is more user-friendly in terms of interface, intuitive, has a wide range of functionality, tools, and a choice of cryptoassets, and the latter is completely anonymous and allows transactions directly between participants, [...]

11 May, 2021

Read cryptocurrency between the lines

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First of all, you learn basic concepts, categories, and rules of a subject when you acquiring new knowledge. The same way is right for cryptocurrencies. Before learning the dynamics of the movement of pairs, it is necessary to understand the basic concepts. What are cryptocurrencies, what are they for, etc? This knowledge of fundamental [...]

11 April, 2021

Interesting features of Blockchain technology and Bitcoin

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Blockchain technology, which appeared in 2009, became a real breakthrough in the financial sector. A group of unknown Japanese programmers (under the nickname Satoshi Nakamoto) developed a technology for anonymous and fast transfers of money anywhere in the world. Such convenience was not immediately appreciated, but users later decided that it is extremely convenient [...]