We are pleased to announce that on May 22, FOBS successfully completed the 4th working quarter with a return of + 43.59% with a maximum drawdown of -7.72%.

The result of the first working year is a + 106.43% return with a maximum drawdown of -7.72%. Also, in the last trading month, the turnover amounted to over 27 million USDT. Exactly a year ago, a beta version of our system has been launched live, which included one strategy for the 6 most liquid USDT pairs Binance. We connected the first personal account and continued R&D of both strategies and infrastructure for APIs to manage multiple accounts.

Today, the FOBS system is built on 4 cornerstones, which include a portfolio prioritization algorithm among the most liquid Binance instruments, 15 Momentum and Mean Reverse strategies for high and medium frequency trading, an individual risk management system for different investors purposes, and low latency automated trading execution.

The first year for FOBS was full of trials, but in spite of everything, we showed that FOBS technologies allow investors to make successful investment decisions and systematically make a profit in the cryptocurrency market not only in an upward but also in a falling market phases without personal involvement, completely automatically.

Stay tuned and stay tuned – we are creating the future of asset management today!