FOBS is a Ukrainian startup. We manage digital assets, use effective and profitable strategies. The team includes five professionals, specialists in the area of crypto-asset management, engineering, financial risk management, and analytics. The common experience in the field of cryptocurrencies is 20 years, providing a basis for successful results and profit for partners.


FOBS Asset Management was established in 2019. The creation of the company was the logical conclusion of the previous four years of experience in cryptocurrency trading.

In October 2020, FOBS became a semi-finalist of IT Arena 2020 and was included in the list of the best startups in Ukraine. For the next six months, the API management product for working with digital money was tested and became available, and at the beginning of 2021, the company launched the registration and licensing process in Estonia.


The company’s investment activity is based on the analysis of a huge array of historical and real data. Our strategies go through a full cycle of special testing before entering the pool of working tools.

Cooperation with us is:

  • minimal risk;
  • consistently high profitability;
  • the minimum amount that we take under management is 20,000 USD;
  • timely closing of positions without transferring funds to management.

The working pool is 15 instruments and 15 best strategies; a total of 225 tools are traded in the system, providing high income adjusted for the level of risk. The work is carried out on large and reliable exchange platforms such as Binance, Bitstamp, Huobi, and Coinbase. Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Cardano, Tron, and other cryptocurrencies are used as tools.

How it Works

We work with analytical data before launching the algorithm into work. Both historical and real data are eligible for analysis. A complete trading strategy is tested over a period of time (usually from a month to three). And only after a positive research result, the algorithm enters the pool of our working tools.

Direct asset management takes place without transferring client funds. We connect via API, trade on cryptocurrency exchanges. Clients receive a monthly report on trading results. Our profit is a commission on your income. We are interested in the success of the partnership.

General algorithm:

  • opening an account on the exchange;
  • transfer of permission to open/close transactions;
  • receiving income;
  • transfer of commissions from profits, if any.

All this time, the money remains in the client’s account, and no one (except him), cannot withdraw it.


We publish the results of our work in the blog on the company’s website, and on social networks pages. According to our statistics, for the first 3 quarters of live trading, the profitability was around + 60% with a drawdown of 3% (the largest parameter). Also, profit depends on the level of risk, which set individually according to the investor’s requests.

The result is achieved through the use of the best strategies, conventionally consisting of several types:

  • trend;
  • based on ML and alternative information;
  • built on the basis of the imbalance;
  • based on the return to the mean.
  • A total of 15 strategies are used, working with the 15 best pairs of instruments. The total number of tools is 225.


It is necessary to transfer to management from 20,000 USD, subject to an equal division of profits (50% each) to become a part of the program.

And from 100,000 USD with the transfer of 65% of the income received to the investor (if you want more). The period of the contract is from six months with the option of prolongation.


There are some following risks here (as in other types of financial management):

  • freezing of the account by the representatives of the exchange;
  • hacking/falling of the exchange platform due to the actions of hackers;
  • drawdown of the deposit and a series of unprofitable transactions (market and systematic risk).

The last risk is managed by FOBS specialists and is minimized. It is maintained at the level of parameters specified by the client.

How to Contuct Us

Money should work. And to start the process, contact us:

  • via the feedback form on the website –;
  • in Telegram – @fobsteam;
  • by e-mail –

Contact in any convenient way, get free advice and income from cryptocurrency without actually transferring money to management.