Investments in Digital Currencies in 2021 – the Most Hot-Topic Predictions

The new calendar year has already begun, so the latest predictions for the market of digital currencies and fiat exchanges are ready to be heard. 2020 was a difficult year for the global economy because of pandemic reality and industrial collapse. But at the same time, a previous year became the period of crypto bull run and extremely fast digital transformation. 

All these events force new changes in the digital sector and investment capabilities related to digital currencies. For those who are newbies in trading and have no idea about the investments in digital currencies, we will make a short review of the 2020 key episodes:

  • The institutional interest in digital currencies took place in 2020. 
  • Blockchain technologies became more popular and started to be implemented in different spheres of our life.
  • The digital transformation era began and brought new investment opportunities for those who are willing to invest in digital currencies.
  • Most of the industrial and retail indices crashed down because of the global pandemic and too-long lockdown reality.

But what 2021 can carry? What predictions have experts provided for this year? Let’s take a look at the most hot-topic trends and possible changes in the market of digital currencies.

What Trends and Predictions for Digital Investments Are Discussed by the Analysts?

Let’s take a look at the infographics that predict the stable growth of the main cryptocurrencies. It comes not only to Bitcoin (BTC) but to indices of other flagship companies and corporations. According to the latest research, the digital sector will progress faster than the physical economy and fiat exchanges.

2021 trends in digital investments

The digital transformation will touch financial services, so more and more decentralized financial structures will appear. Investors should pay attention to all the innovative sectors like artificial intelligence, blockchain technologies, PIM solutions, and other perspective projects. Namely, the digital transformation supports the main prediction of the profitability of digital investments in 2021.

Among other hot-topic trends for digital investments this year to wait for:

  1. Rival blockchain technologies with Eutherum-based decentralized solutions. The launch of Ethereum 2.0 was in December 2020, so the sharpest competition is awaited in 2021.
  2. Bitcoin will be about $30,000 all year long. The stability of the digital currency is predicted due to the implementation of BTC payments to the PayPal and Square e-wallets. 
  3. The extreme volatility of the crypto market caused by the shifting condition of the global economy.

To sum up, there is no general picture with digital currencies and precise investment strategies to take into account. Investments in digital currencies remain as risky as in 2020. But if you would like to transform your investing activities into safe and profitable ones, you can try FOBS investment strategies based on the quantitative approach to crypto asset management. This firm presents the new-era way of trading and AI-based investment strategies to join. The era of digital transformations is about innovations that make raising funds through trading and investment online platforms possible. Meet the leading digital asset manager FOBS with several investment strategies and trading algorithms based on artificial intelligence technologies. It is worth noting that your investments are absolutely safe because the comprehensive security system and risk management solutions are implemented.

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